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Virtual Studio

Is it possible to make the waveform clearer/bigger for the track so you can see where vocals start etc , so presenters can talk over intros/outros

I just listen to the monitor.

That's ok if you know your tracks back to front , its just an idea to make things a little easier for our presenters ,it will make shows more professional

 Hi there,

We are working on building a new, improved Virtual Studio. We will take your feedback into account. Thank you! :) 

I think the sooner you release it the better everyones life will be, hopefully it will cure all the problems.

Is there a release date yet?

I haven't been able to get the Virtual Studio to work even for simply monitoring the station, and I've tried 3 different computers, different browsers, mac, pc, wired network instead of wireless, etc.  It just simply does not work for me - jerky counters in the playback deck, and no audio playback.  Maybe I'm doing something so obviously wrong.

At any rate, not ultra critical because I can still use other tools for doing remote broadcasts like "butt" for Windows, or LadioCast for Mac, broadcast myself for android, etc. But I do like the concept and promise of Radiojar's Virtual Studio...hoping I can figure out how to make it actually work.

I can help you out. I helped some one yesterday. Come to find out that they didn't have Adobe Flash operating right in their computer. So make sure Adobe is allowed to work in your browsers. Or make sure Adobe is downloaded into your computer.

I have flash enabled in browser (and even downloaded latest flash), and always click "allow" when virtual studio launches. Once loaded in the browser window, the audio breaks up - mostly no audio only blips here and there. The track counters in the playback decks struggle to keep up displaying smoothly, but the countdown timer to the next break works flawlessly.  All of this happens before I click on ANY of the controls in the virtual studio.

I've tried Macbook Pro OSX 10.9.4 with i7 & 16GB ram, Mac Mini OSX 10.9.5 i5 8GB, and Win7 core2 duo, 16GB...I've tried Chrome, Mozilla, and Safari, I've tried a wired connection instead of wireless.  All with the same results.

I must be doing something wrong; wish I knew what that is!



Your not alone Lee - We are having various issues with our presenters

I hate to be a wet blanket, but seeing support input months ago and no changes, makes me wonder if I should revert to another service provider such as Spacial, Radio DJ, etc. I'm not seeing much support, development roadplans, etc and have to ask myself, "Why am I paying for this?"

Update support / guides, newer versions, troubleshooting, features, etc would be nice. It almost looks like someone there said, "Hey this works okay, so let's just make some money, and we'll work on a few things when we can." 

If I'm wrong, show us. 

Hi Joe, Radiojar has been working on a brand new virtual studio. It will be available some time March. I promise you will find it very much improved and you will be very impressed. I will be glad to help you understand the existing virtual studio and tell you more about the new one. Please write me at jim.haines@radiojar.

An actual virtual studio similar to traktor or virtual dj would be sweet

Radio is down, mixing control disabled


Is the "New virtual studio" close to completion? It was said earlier in this thread that it would be ready in March and since it is now the end of March I'm wondering where things stand. A number of my show hosts are growing frustrated with various issues they're having with the virtual studio. 

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