If you want to connect to a SHOUTCast server, what you need to do is configuring the SOUTCast server to relay from Radiojar stream.

In order to relay a Radiojar stream to Shoutcast server follow the steps described below depending on your setup:

#Server side configuration

Edit the configuration file (sc-serv.conf). It is usually  located under the directory that the server runs. There you must see the configured stream(s). In the section of the desired stream, add the following line:



You will find your radio station's <streamname> in the widgets section under the "Stream name" link. Check this screenshot: 

stream name

To configure relaying:

  1. In the navigation panel at the left-hand side of the screen, click Settings under the Configuration heading.

  2. Click the Mount Points tab. If you do not see a Mount Points field, then you are not using SHOUTcast v2 and are looking at the wrong section.

  3. Under the Current mount points selection box, click the Create new button to create a new mount point.

  4. Select the newly-created mount point and click the Settings tab.

  5. In the Stream path field, set an appropriate path for the new relay mount point, eg: /myrelay. If you do not see a Stream path field, then you are not using SHOUTcast v2 and are looking at the wrong section.

  6. Click the AutoDJ tab.

  7. Ensure that Use autoDJ is set to No.

  8. Click the Relaying tab.

In the Relay URL field, enter the complete URL to the remote stream to relay, http://stream.radiojar.com/<streamname> (Your station's <streamname> can be found in the widgets section under the "Stream URLs" link as shown before.) 

Click Update to save your changes.
The server should now be ready for relaying. Stop, then restart the server to apply your configuration changes.

When your server comes back online, tune in to your server as a listener using the relay mount point and verify that you hear the audio stream from the master server.