Radiojar enables by default its users to create their station's unique Android application.

The application is customisable to some extent, kindly refer in this article for instructions.

However, the application will need to be uploaded by the user in his/ hers own Google Play Developer Account (a registration fee is required) in order to be distributed to the station's listeners.

In order to have the application created and uploaded in Google Play Store, you ought to follow the following steps:

Make sure you have uploaded your station's logo (under 'Settings/ Logo' at the station's administration panel) before creating your station's app, as this will be used as app icon.

  • Navigate to your station's administration panel and select 'create application' under the 'Mobile App' tab.

Your station's mobile application will be generated in a few minutes.

  • Once the application has been generated, you will be able to click on the URL provided and download the apk.

You ought to install this apk in a mobile device, in which you will be able to take screenshots that will be needed while submitting the application in your Google Play Developer Account.

  • Visit this page, register for a Google Play Developer Account and upload and publish your station's app.

Note that the registration fee is only referring to your Google Play Developer Account and is not affiliated with Radiojar service or fees in any way.

For detailed instructions on how to upload and publish your station's app in your own Google Developer Account and distribute the application to your station's listeners through Google Play Store, kindly refer in this article, in  Google Play Console Help.

Here is a quick overview of this process:

Google Play Developer Account

  • Select 'create application' and in the pop up fill in the application title as it will be displayed in Google Play Store.

  • Under 'App releases' select 'MANAGE PRODUCTION' and then upload the application's apk

  • Fill in all the mandatory fields in the section 'store listing', such as your station's short and long description (for example short description could be your station's moto as in 80's rock or jazz cafe). You also ought to upload screenshots of the application. Once you have filled in all the required fields, select 'SAVE DRAFT'

  • Under 'Pricing and distribution',  select the countries the application will be available in and the remaining required fields.

  • Navigate to 'Content rating', fill the content rating questionnaire and you are ready to publish!