Accepting listener calls via Skype (or other audio chat apps) is one of the things many users ask us about supporting. While it’s something that a web app cannot natively support, we can give you directions on how to do this.

The goal is to mix your voice with the voice of the other person coming through Skype into one audio source, which you can then broadcast. The classic, brute-force approach to do this would be to add an additional sound card to your computer and use it to mix these two audio channels. You can easily accomplish the same thing through software by using a couple of free apps on your Mac.

  • Soundsource by Rogue Amoeba will give you a software method to “pass thru” audio from input devices. This means it can direct your microphone to one of your system’s other audio devices.
  • Soundflower, an open source app that allows inter-application audio routing. This means it can act as a new, virtual, sound card: you can direct different audio sources to it and it can mix them all into a single output.

Download, install and run these apps, as well as Skype. To set up your Mac to accept Skype calls through the virtual studio you’ll need to configure the following:

  • In your dashboard, select the 'soundsource' icon at the top right, and then click 'open play-thru window'

  • Then, select input from Built-in microphone (of a different microphone of your choice) and output to “Soundflower (2ch)" and click "start play-thru" to start the audio routing.


  • Go to Skype’s Audio/Video preferences and select “Soundflower (2ch)" as theSpeakers device. Audio routing will begin immediately.

  • In Radiojar’s virtual studio, right click and select “Settings…” to open theAdobe Flash Player settings window, go to the microphone settings and select “Soundflower (2ch)” as the microphone device.


You’re set! To go on air, start a Skype conversation and while the other party is online in a call with you, press the microphone button in the virtual studio to broadcast both your voices.


To run a little test before starting, you can do the following:

  • Put on some headphones to avoid feedback from the speakers through your microphone.
  • Run the Soundflowerbed utility provided with Soundflower and from the menu item drop down select “Built-in Output” under “Soundflower (2ch)”. This will make the Soundflower output audible through your headphones.


  • Make a Skype call and monitor the sound through your headphones. You’ll be able to hear the entire conversation, including your own voice.

Ready to go!

You’re now ready to start accepting listener calls in your radio broadcasts. Make sure to filter your listeners for prank calls and talk to your them for a bit before going on air to prepare them and ensure a smooth transition in the show.

If your guests sound too loud or too low, you can always use Skype’s volume adjustment slider in the Audio/Video preferences (see image above, keyboard shortcuts are ⌘⌥↑ and ⌘⌥↓). This will not affect the volume of your own voice.

Have fun doing talk shows with your listeners!