Only the owner can have access to a station's 'Billing'.

You can access the billing info of your station from the tab 'Billing' at the left side of your website.

billing - management area

Billing is divided in four categories.

Plan usage

This is the category that provides you all the information about your plan and the option to change it. You can also find, your media storage consumption, the cost of your plan and the date of your next payment.

Ιf you want to change your plan, click on 'Change plan' and this will lead you to the path of selecting your new plan.

cost billing

Billing and Payments

Under Billing & Payments you will find your credit card information and all the invoices that have been issued so far, followed by the date issued, their status (paid/unpaid), a link to download in a pdf each of the invoices and a link which will re-direct you to our payments section appearing next to all unpaid invoices.

At the Pay now section, you will see a Paypal logo and you can complete the payment using your Paypal Account or credit card through the Paypal system. You can pay through Paypal using a credit card even if you do not have a Paypal account.

Billing Info

Under Billing Info you can change any of the following fields, such as user type (individual/company), country of origin, name, city, address etc. In order to change your e-mail, you will have to contact our support via chat or a new ticket.

Deactivate Station

Under Deactivate Station you can proceed to deactivating your station's broadcasting and billing, by filling in your station's name in the required field and  pressing “Deactivate Station”.