Creating a new pilot

In order to create a new pilot go to the Management area of the radio station at the section Pilots.

Click on the button Add Pilot.

New Pilot - Add

This will open up a pop up window and you can make the basic settings of the pilot like its name, how long should it last and the song/art repetition limitations.

New Pilot

Click on "Next" and the pilot will be created. You will find it at the list of all the pilots that belong to your radio station. 

Let's customize the pilot and add some rules now! 

Click on the Edit icon that is highlighted at the following screenshot.

New Pilot

This will lead you to the management of that specific pilot. Click on the 'Add Rule' button.

New Rue

Pilots consist of rules which may be songs from a tag, album or an artist. These rules will repeat generating a list of songs for as long as the pilot is scheduled to play. When creating a pilot, you will get an indication of how many loops it can generate without repeating the same song, or else you will get a warning stating "0 matches" in case that you have introduced a rule that matches no tracks. Pay attention in the case that you see the indication "unique loops : 0" because this means that you need to re-consider the rules set and check there are enough tracks matching your rules.

This how the creating of the rules looks like:


In order to see how many files correspondent to each of your rules, you will need to click on Recalculate song matches.

After recalculating, you will be able to see the exact matches and click on SAVE. 

New Pilot

Your new pilot is ready to be scheduled and play on air!

Check out more on how to schedule a pilot here