You'll notice that when creating a new slot on the scheduler, you have the option of selecting a Show, a Playlist, a Pilot or a Relay Stream option. 

In this section we'll take a look at what this means for your station and how you can take advantage of it.

In case you have scheduled more than one items on the same slot, then there is a priority order. In other words, your scheduled items come in effect following a certain order of precedence, only in the case that the item of top priority fails to complete the slot. The idea behind the ordering goes from the most specific to the most generic, i.e. Show, Playlist, Pilot.

Let's see an example. Say you've scheduled at the same time slot a Show, a Playlist and a Pilot. If you fail to log in on Radiojar to do your show, then the Playlist will start. 
If the playlist's duration is less than the the scheduled slot, then the Pilot will take over when the Playlist finishes playing. Using the same way of thinking, if the Pilot finishes playing before the slot is over, then the radio station's default Pilot will kick in.