All the plans with Automation tools provide you with a media library where you can upload your media files and organize them to playlists and pilots. 

Effectively, to start broadcasting you'll need to upload some audio files, like songs to play, jingles & ads. You will be able to manage your media assets in Radiojar's Media Library section. 

Each user based on his role on a station has access to specific Libraries. By default, all users have space to upload their own files in their personal library. If you own a radio station or you are a radio administrator, you will see that you have access to your own personal Library called 'My Library' as well to your radio station's Library.

First you will need to select the Library you want to manage. Then use the button "Add Media" in order to upload media files.

It will be easier for you to manage your media if you categorize them using specific tags. In order to edit, delete or add tag to a media file you must first select it from the Library's table and then select the according indication on top of the table.

A Playlist is a list of audio tracks in a specific order. To get started, select the media of your choice and click on Playlist. There you can add the media to existing playlists or create a new one by typing its name. The playlists you create are visible from all libraries you have access to, so you can add media from different Libraries.