How do I upload music files?
Each radio station has its own library where all the media files will be uploaded and used. You may enter the Media Library by clicking on Media Library button on the page where you Manage the radio station.

The Media Library button will open a new window with your or your station’s Library which should be empty if this is your first time to upload files. Then you can upload your content from the "Upload Tracks" button. Click on Upload Tracks to get started. Here is how to upload files and apply tags.

In the Media Library select the songs you want to add to the playlist and click on Playlist. From here you can check an already existing playlist and add the songs there or you can type a name in the ‘Add a new playlist’ space and the songs will be added to the new playlist you named. You can rearrange the position of the songs with the Move up and Move down buttons. Don’t forget to click on save changes after you edit your playlist.

How do I upload jingles and advertisements?

All the management of such files should happen at the breaks management area.  You can check more on how to handle breaks here .

How can I manage my content?

You can organize the uploaded content in the radio station's media library in order to make it easier for the radio producers to find it and use it. You may edit each song’s data, add tags to categorize and distinguish them as well as listen to a short preview of each song. 

In the Media Library click on the files you want to edit and then select Edit in order to update their data, Tag in order to update tags or Delete if you want to remove them. There is the option to edit many songs together by selecting them and then choosing ‘With selected’ and change the fields you want.

How can have the changes I made go through?

After any changes made, you can render the latest state of your media library, by clicking the update lists option located on the bottom of the left panel. Wait for the procedure to end and then refresh your browser. This should keep the library updated.