Radiojar does not provide an in-house recording solutions yet. You can use third party tools in case that you want to record your stream and have a file of your live show. 

Here are some tools that you could use:


It’s a free open-source sound editor and recorder. It’s also probably the best way to record the sound playing on your computer for free. Here are the guides provided by Audacity.

VLC media player

Download and install VLC media player, which you can grab here. Follow along with the steps provided by the setup wizard. To be able to record, you first need to enable Advanced Controls. This option is available in the View sub-menu. Once you activate the controls, a second command toolbar will appear in the main interface.

audacity- advanced controls

You can simply press the Record button and anything playing in VLC will be recorded and saved locally. 


Streaming Audio Recorder

Streaming Audio Recorder offers a plethora of options for recording audio files and listening to music. You can record just about any audio from your favorite website, convert audio files into different formats, and listen to streaming radio.  From the Record Settings tab, you are able to toggle back and forth between output formats to capture audio in MP3, AAC, OGG, WMA, and WAV file formats. You can find it here