You can create a new show from the management area of your radio station at the right side of the platform. Click at the section Management, the Shows.

A show can be created by the administrators and the owner.

Click on the button "Add show". A pop up window will appear as to set up initially your new show.

At the Profile section, you can set the Title of the show, its tagline, a description and add tags that correspond to its content. You can upload a logo of the show. The acceptable formats of the image are .jpg, .png and .gif. The minimum recommended size is 512 * 512 px and the maximum file size is 5MB.

add a new show

At the Hosts tab, you can invite by email the producer that you want to assign to the show.

add show-hosts

At the advanced settings tab, you can set a default playlist for the scheduled time of the show (if you don't intend to do a live show or for backup reasons). Also, you can set from here if you allow your producers to use a third party tool for their live show connection.

add a show - advanced

These changes can be made from the management area of your radio show from you as the owner, staff members or the producer to which the show has been assigned to. You don't need to configure all the show details from this pop up as you can always make the settings from its management area.

Ηere is how to schedule the show and how to manage each episodes and properties.