Shows' management is available to all radio stations that have a Professional plan or above. Broadcaster stations do not have user or show management tools. Broadcasters can always live using the Virtual Studio or a compatible broadcasting tool without creating and scheduling a show slot.

You can access all the shows that belong to the radio station by clicking on the Shows Tab on the Management Section at the left side of the website. Αt this overview page you can see the shows as a list, add new shows, edit a show's properties or delete shows.

New show

1. Add a new show

By clicking the button you can quickly add a new show and invite hosts before going to its management area. Here is the guide on how to create a new radio show.

new show profile

2. Go to the management area of that specific show

From that area you can see the overview of that show, its previous episodes (history), change its settings (like a cover or profile photo) and make changes to its producers.

3. Edit a show

Make a quick edit on a show without going to its management area.

new show tagline

4. Show Information

You can quickly see the name of the show, its tagline, its scheduled spots and show hosts without entering its management area.

If you want to know more on how to manage your radio show, check out this tutorial.

5. Delete a show from your radio station's show list

A pop up window will appear as to approve the deletion. Please be careful as, when this is done, this info will be deleted permanently. Here is the guide on how to delete a show.