Once a radio show is created, its management area can be accessed by the owner, staff members and the producer of the show.

add a show - dashboard

From the Dashboard, you can see some basic information of the radio show. The schedule of this show for example is on weekdays from 14:00 to 17:00. The show ID is required if you want to embed the show on your website using the API widgets.

Using the broadcast link settings you can connect with a third party icecast compatible broadcasting tool like SAM Broadcaster, MIXXX or Virtual DJ. You can find tutorials on compatible tools here.

From the Management Area of the show, you can invite producers to host the show or set episodes for the next scheduled slots if you are not going to have a live connection. 

Inviting hosts

You can add up to six people to the show and have a collaborative show using the Virtual Studio. Here is how to do that. 

Using Episodes

Once you schedule a show in a station you can set specific episodes of the schedule and organize the content that will play.
This helps you plan ahead and organize your shows long before the actual broadcasts.

You can schedule an episode based on the scheduled slots available according to the radio program. 

First, select the days that you wish to create the episode. 

new episode- add new

Then, go to the media tab and select a playlist or load a previously played episode. You can upload tracks through the Show Episodes. All the files uploaded here are part of the personal library of the person that uploads them. The files do not belong to the station.

In the case above, we have selected to load a playlist called "new" and we can see the files that it includes as well as the duration estimation for the media on this episode. In case that the media duration is longer than the scheduled shot, this doesn't mean that the episode will keep playing for as long as needed in order to play all the files. The show will stop on the time set as scheduled as the radio program. 

Add a new schedule

You can create new schedules from this area, too. Add a new episode and click on the button add new schedule.

add new schedule

You can create a schedule by setting a time period, a repetition rate, give a title to episode and click DONE.

In the following screenshot you can see that we have created two main episodes for this show. The one starts on Wednesday, 11th of January and the other on Monday, 16th of January.

episodes of a show

Show Profile

From the tab Profile, you can make changes to the title, logo, cover photo, tagline, description and tags of the show.

show profile

In the History of the show, you can see the media files that had been scheduled and have played during the past shows. 

At the Settings of the show, you can delete the show (Be careful because this is permanent!), add a backup playlist or check the broadcast link.