Each Radiojar station comes with a microsite which you can customise and serve under your domain.

The microsite customization settings can be found under the "Profile" section of your Station. The owner and the staff members of a radio station can make customizations to the microsite.

In the profile section, you are also able to preview your micro-site.

You can also upload an image for your microsite's background and apply changes to the colors on the microsite.

More specifically, you can change the main color, the text color and background color. The main color will be used for the play button and the major text elements. The text color will be used to the remaining text elements and the background color will be applied to minor elements and the background controls.

Furthermore, you can manage the information displayed in the microsite, such as showing track album and recently played tracks. 

You can toggle the option to show the track's album under the player, to automatically start the player when one visits the domain and to Show the last 5 tracks played, on and off.

Last but not least, you can use your google analytics account as to track the visits made to this microsite. Fill in the Contact info that you would like a visitor to see, like your Facebook and Twitter page, Google+ page, e-mail and Website. All the contact info used in these fields will be shown publicly on the website; so make sure that you provide your visitors with the appropriate email. If you do not have use any of these accounts or simply don't want to share the contact info publicly, then leave these fields empty.

Once you have finished your microsite's customisation, click on "Save Changes".