How do I begin? What do I need to do? Is it free?

Becoming a radio producer is totally free and easy to do. You just need to be invited by a radio station or another producer to host/co-host a show.

In which radio stations can I schedule my show?

You may schedule your show in radio stations that allow producer to make schedules in their program, or in radio stations that you own or are an admin.

How/Where do I upload my music files?

On the home page you can see a button saying Personal media library. Click on it to have access to your personal media library. If you are a member of radio stations you will have access to their libraries as well. You can have a look also here on how to upload music files.

What do I do before my show starts?

10 minutes before your show starts, you have access to the virtual studio. Just check on the top bar for an icon of a microphone and click it. Once the virtual studio opens you can prepare your show by uploading files, saving and loading playlists, previewing songs. If you need help with virtual studio check our Virtual Studio Tutorial.

Can I use my own DJ software for my show?

Yes, you can find the broadcast link information that you'll need as to broadcast to Radiojar from your DJ software on the homepage, when your show is about to start.

Can I keep my profile hidden from public search and lists?

If you don’t wish to appear in public search and in public radio DJ lists just check the corresponding checkbox (Exclude from public lists) that appears when you Edit your Radio DJ Profile.