If you don't want to use Radiojar's virtual studio, the broadcast link and server credentials that come with it allow you to broadcast using the equipment of your choice. The information will allow you to use any icecast-compatible DJing software or plugin to connect to Radiojar.

Here is a list of third party applications that are known to work with Icecast:

01. Broadcast Using This Tool (BUTT)

Butt is a simple IceCast v1/ShoutCast v1 compatible tool that takes one audio stream of your soundcard and relays it directly to the server. When properly set up all you have to do is run Butt then just play the music in an audio player or speak into your microphone without needing any extra interaction with the streaming software. You can use this guide as to set up BUTT and connect it with Radiojar.

02. Mixxx

Mixxx is the only free cross-platform vinyl control software and has the most advanced MIDI/HID controller support.

You can download it for free at the official site. This guide will help you through the set up with Radiojar.

03. Music Player Deamon (MPD)

Music Player Daemon (MPD) is a flexible, powerful, server-side application for playing music. Through plugins and libraries it can play a variety of sound files while being controlled by its network protocol.

04. SAM Broadcaster

SAM Broadcaster is a professional DJ system that allows you to stream audio over the internet to listeners across the world. A tutorial is available for versions PRO and STUDIO here.

05.Virtual DJ

Virtual DJ is a range of audio/video mixing software for use by mobile and club DJs.

The versions that support broadcasting are: "VirtualDJ Broadcaster", "VirtualDJ Pro Basic" and "VirtualDJ Pro Full" and the tutorial available is here.

06.Radio Boss

This is an affordable, reliable automation software solution to automating your broadcasting needs.


Download the source client for broadcasting in MP3 format to an icecast2 server. IceS reads audio data from an input and sends the audio data to one or more files or icecast servers. Before it’s actually sent out, some processing maybe performed, typically resampling and/or downmixing to produce streams suited to various bandwidth requirements. Available only for Linux/ Unix.

08. Koalasan App- Available for broadcasting at any time via any ios device

09. BroadcastMySelf 

BroadcastMySelfis a free, android client for Icecast/Shoutcast Server.

10. Edcast

For Linux/Unix only there are some more software  available like the following:

  • Ices
  • DarkIce
  • DeeFuzzer
  • FreeJ
  • IceGenerator
  • KRADradio
  • Muse