Simulcast -like ALL Radiojar plans- provides unlimited listeners and unlimited listening hours.

This is what a station's main page looks like when signed up under the Simulcast plan:

1) Radiojar's Simulcast, enables you to broadcast your pre-existing online radio station through our service.

    This can be accomplished by relaying an mp3 link.

    Please note that you must have the rights to re-broadcast the link you will be using.

2) You will also be provided all the necessary information, in order to connect to Radiojar via an IceCast V2 compatible broadcasting tool.

3) The "enable alert" feature, provides you the option to get notified via email when the state of the stream changes (eg. disconnection).

Simulcast also provides:

  • microsite;  If you are looking for an easy way to add a modern and user friendly player to your website, this is for you. Get your fully customizable radio player and use it on your website. This is a simple iframe widget that doesn't require configuration.
  • 3 different stream URLs ( .mp3, . m3u, .pls) you can use to list your station in radio directories and broaden your audience.
  • Facebook live (in beta version).
  • A number of widgets, including a player, to embed in your website.
  • Access to advanced Analytics, where you can track listener and track stats in specified time frames.