So, your radio station is up and running, you have created shows, pilots and ad campaigns and are ready to spread the word?

The ways that your audience can listen to your station are the following:

1. Microsite

All stations powered by Radiojar are given a microsite, with an embedded player and some basic information of the station. The microsite can be used under your own domain.

You are able to preview your micro-site through the station's "Profile" section.

When you open your microsite for the first time it will look like this:

You can change the background image and colour, show recently played or now playing tracks and more.

2. Player widget

If you already own a site you can use our player widget and embed it to your site. 

Click on the "Widgets" tab and then select the player.

You can either implement the API widget player to your site (if you have some web development skills), or you can simply use the iframe-based player.

API-based player widget

3. Use your stream urls to be listed in radio directories