You can create and manage Episodes of the radio station's future shows. This helps you plan ahead and organize your shows long before the actual broadcasts. The administration team of the station can add episodes and edit existing ones. You can create as many episodes for as many shows of the station as you want.

Start by visiting  the management area and click on the 'Episodes' tab.

If you haven't got any schedules yet for your show, click on 'Add new' to create a new one.

Select the show for which this episode is created.

Enter a Title of your episode and a description (both optional). 

You can then schedule this episode to air in a specific time slot.

Then specify the list of tracks you want to play on this episode. Here you have several options from the 'Media' section. You can either upload new tracks, load a playlist that you have already created, load the tracks of an older episode or select tracks from your personal Media library ('My library') or the library of the station where you host your show. You have the ability to load tracks from any or all four options and then you can edit the list by removing, and rearranging the tracks you have loaded.

Once you are done configuring your media list, click on 'Save'.

Your episode is now created and saved successfully and can be seen beneath the schedule. You can edit or delete it and also configure the rest of the episodes to come.

This way you can have a full plan of your forthcoming scheduled show episodes without having to be online when the time of the broadcast comes.

Check out more on how to manage a show in this tutorial.