With Radiojar and our Virtual Studio you can have a collaborative show with multiple DJ hosts (up to 4) that will be connected simultaneously from different locations and broadcast all together  real time. 

First of all, you need to create the show, schedule it to play on the station and add the co-hosts. 

Have a look 
here on how to create and schedule a show.

Visit the management page of your show, click on the 'Hosts' tab and invite the producers you want to have as co-hosts at your show. 

An invitation via e-mail will be sent to the invited co-host and  he/she will need to accept it.

Prior to the beginning of the show the co-hosts can access the studio. 

On the top right of the studio you can see the co-hosts that have accessed the studio and check who is on the microphone as he/she will be highlighted (see following screenshot).