The idea behind using automation tools and scheduling the program flow, is to make the management of the radio station as easy as possible. Radio automation refers to all the features and mechanisms that help you automate common broadcasting operations. These may include the management & scheduling of radio shows, as well as smaller tasks like e.g. having your station's jingle play every hour, on the hour, followed by five minutes of ads. Or even setting up advanced rule-based playlists (pilots) for the times when no DJs are available to do a live show. 

By live shows, we mean Shows of the radio station that will be aired live by a radio producer using the virtual studio or third party, Icecast V2 compatible broadcasting tool. When the radio show is scheduled to air, the radio producer who hosts the show will be given access to the virtual studio. 

Once you have created some playlists, pilots and shows, you may schedule them to automatically play in your radio station. The Scheduler (Management -> Schedule) helps you manage your radio station's timetable.

Click and drag on the day and time you want the automation to air on and in the dialog box select the specific automation you wish to schedule and click "save". Shows, Pilots and Playlists in the schedule can be moved, edited, deleted, resized and even have a change of colour.

You will also have the option to set the repetition of an automation, if you wish for it to air on a specific day and time for a large period. Just add the start and end date and it will automatically be scheduled to repeat during this period.  

Radiojar can help you achieve all the above and many more through the concepts of Shows, Playlists, Breaks and Pilots. In order to broadcast through a new radio station, you'll need to configure some or all of these features. Check the tutorial that best suits your needs from the list below: