When broadcasting on Radiojar, you have the option to use Radiojar's Virtual studio or your own equipment and software. When your show is about to go on air, a notification will come up on the home page presenting you with the options and configuration info you'll need.

As a show host during your live show you can have access to the media library of the radio station as well as your personal library. You can select your source inside the Virtual Studio.

You can add new files, delete or edit existing ones directly through the Virtual Studio. You may add files from your Dropbox or your computer. 
Click on the 'Add' button and a pop up window will show up. Remember to select where you want to upload them; station's library or your personal library and apply tags.

If you want to change the information of a track then click the brush icon inside the Virtual Studio and a pop up window will show up. Don't forget to save the changes by clicking on the "update" button.