Radiojar is a technology startup with high level expertise in audio computing. Since 2013, the platform successfully delivers audio services to thousands of broadcasters, consumed by multi-millions of monthly listeners. Our focus in audio cloud solutions and our Research and Development experience have armed us with cutting-edge technology know-how.

  • Radiojar is focused on quality audio broadcasting and ease of use. We are the first to offer true location-independent and web-based audio mixing. There's no need to install any software of hardware to use it.
  • We offer some of the best radio automation tools in the industry, giving you advanced control over playlists, schedules, (auto) pilots, relays and breaks.
  • We provide a variety of widgets to integrate our service with your site.
  • We do not interfere with your radio station's revenues or advertisements. We give you a Breaks' management area where you can upload the ads or jingles wanted and you have the freedom to schedule them during your program.