Once you have created your playlist, you can schedule it to a specific slot to your radio program. 

Go to Management and select "Schedule". Pick a slot inside the schedule by clicking on a time slot. This will create a new pop up window. 

On the window that appears click on the Playlist tab.

schedule a playlist

You can select a source of the playlist. The source may be the radio station with playlists that have been created to the radio station's media library, or a profile. 

The available playlists of that source will be presented on the dropdown menu.  
You get the option of selecting to ignore the preset order of songs and shuffling them, if that's what you want. Further down, you can set recurring schedules. 

Once you have selected a playlist, you can "Preview songs". 

playlist preview

Furthermore, you can select the repetition rate of that schedule. Click on the field and the dropdown menu will show up. If you'd like your playlist to play for example every day on the specified time slot , click on "repeats itself" and select "every day" from the menu.
Finally, set when the repetition should end. You can do that by either selecting a specific end date or by setting a number of occurrences.   

If you want to organize your program, you have the possibility of selecting and assigning a color to that scheduled playlist.

When you're happy with your new schedule, click on SAVE.

Your playlist has been successfully been scheduled and will start playing the date and time you have set.