You can access the Management of the people invited to your radio station as well as add new users from the tab "Management" at the left side of the website. You can see the type of roles that each user has, if there is a pending invitation, edit or delete a user and add new people to the team.

Types of Users

There are three types of users:

Each station can have one user - owner. The owner has access to all the areas of the radio station and it is the sole user that has permission to the Billing of the radio station.

This user is an administrator of the radio station. He/she can have access and manage the radio station according to the privacy settings, as they are set by the owner. The number of people that can be invited to the radio station depends on the plan selected.

A producer has access to his/her assigned show and can access the Virtual Studio during his/her scheduled slot.

The number of people that can be invited to the radio station depends on the plan selected.

Sort the Users

You can see the people that are part of your team as staff or producers and which show hosts have been invited but have not yet accepted your invitation.

If you wish, you can select to show the results of all the team or select to see those of a specific role.

Show people by role

Add a new user

You can add new users by clicking on the button "Add People" and selecting the role for which you send an invitation. You can select to invite someone as a staff member or producer. You can make edits on the properties as we will see in a while.

Αdd people Button

A pop up window will appear as to add the email of the invited users.

The user will need to accept the invitation and login to Radiojar as to start managing or producing to the radio station.

Edit the role of a user

You can edit the access permissions of a user by clicking the edit button on the user.

One user

This will open a pop up window from which you can change the role of a user. Υοu can check or uncheck the box next to the role and save the changes by clicking "Done".

Remove a user

In case you want to remove a user from your team, then click on the bin icon as highlighted at the screenshot.

Approve your action and the person will be removed.