At the Scheduler you can check how the program of the radio station slots have been shaped and create any new schedule for a show, pilot, playlist or stream relay.

In order to have access to this area you need to be the owner or the administrator of the station. Go to the management area of your station and click on the "Schedule" tab.

You can select which schedules to be presented on the program based on their type. By clicking on ‘All’, no filter is applied so you can see all pilots, playlists and shows that are scheduled during the current week. To have a clean view for one of these, click for example on "Playlists" since we are going to schedule a playlist on this radio station's schedule.

At this page you can also check the timezone of the radio station and see when exactly each item block scheduled to play. From the dropdown menu you can check when your schedule will air on other timezones as well.

You can distinguish the type of each scheduled block from their etiquettes, each exact duration and the repetition rate that has been set.

You may choose to organize your program by color tagging if this makes sense to you. You will choose the color of each scheduled block from its settings.

You can find more on how automation works here