Who can schedule shows?

By default, the owner and the administrators (Staff) of a radio station can schedule shows. 

Producers can also schedule shows as long as the privacy settings allow it. If you want to change the settings and allow producers schedule their shows on the station's program, go to Settings -> Privacy & Access and set that Producers can schedule their shows. 

privacy & access

How do I schedule a show?

Go to Management and select Schedule.

management - schedule

Click on the time slot and a new window will appear allowing you to schedule the show.

create schedule of a show

Select the show source; this can be the shows of the radio station (created by an admin) or shows created and assigned automatically to a producer when he/she is invited in the station

Select the specific show that you want to program.

As you see, while you create the schedule slot you can see the timezone that the station is set on. This is helpful in the cases of remote staff or producers.

You can set a repetition rate if this show is not meant to air just one time. Select the repetition rate from the dropdown menu. 

repetition rate

You can also set the ending time of the show or how many times the show should be scheduled. 

ends on date

For a more efficient show management, you can decide to use a colour per producer or per show. 

show color

Click on SAVE. 

Want to learn more on the management of a radio show? Check out this tutorial!