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Add 'relay' as an option for a show

Currently I have shows which are relays from other sources however currently 'Shows' can only be a live feed or pull in that shows playlist. I would be keen to see in addition to this the option for a show to pull in a relay too.

The reason for this is simple - I use the schedule widget on my website to indicate what's on but relays can't be shown, leaving virtual 'blanks' in my schedule from an end-user perspective. This obviously doesn't look great.

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Very good idea to collaborate with others radios too !

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Hey Daniel - Yes, I agree - how are you getting on. I only started my station a month or so ago - It's picking up really well with a focus on live DJ's where possible. I've found the Radiojar system to work better than any other solution I've found and only a few technical problems but nothing near the problems I've had with airtime and vanilla Centovacast.

It turns out there's a good work around to get a banner to appear in the schedule for a re-streamed show which is to create a show without any content other than the show artwork at the same time as the relay.

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