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Microphones not connecting

On 2 occasions now I've had guests sign up and be able to log in to the virtual studio but not be able to connect their microphones.

Today my guest tried both Chrome and Firefox, we reinstalled Flash player, and the 'mic connecting' message just kept hanging.

I specifically chose radiojar system over many other as it's the only one that offers this co hosting service which it brilliant when it works. However, If I can't get my co hosts to connect it's useless to me. 

Does anyone have any ideas?

4 people have this problem

Hi, I just signed up a couple of hours ago. I need a few help. Have you ever get the chance to speak with someone who is in-charge? My  is not working in virtual studio - one, two - under management I don't see the show option, three - scheduling is not working and my problems go on and on. I know you have your own problems but if you have any knowledge on what I can do please am asking for help?