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Bring back the previous user interface!

 I don't know where to start..

New user interface is not user friendly.

In order to upload one episode i need to press 10 buttons.

In History it is impossible to see all the past shows with out pressing any buttons, it is possible only to see them one by one and even this doesn't work as it should.

It's totally white and hurts the eyes.

New Virtual player is also not good as the previous one.

I could go on forever.. every change in the site is a huge disappointment.

Hi Sunny, 

We are sorry to hear that. For now, you could return to the old UI from the settings of your personal account, go to the tab "authentication" and click on the button to "Go back to the previous version".

We will take your feedback into consideration!

Thank you!

Cuando trato de ingresar a mi cuenta obtengo el error 403

Sin acceso

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