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Mobile Phone Apps


Does anyone know of any mobile phone apps which are free, when we ran our other station we had one and it was brilliant but can't remember the name of the company?


I use tunein

Thanks Rudy, We have submitted our details to them : )

Lee, visit You should get someone in India/Pakistan/Bangladesh willing to design you one for very little.

you can make your own appt and sale it for very little ?

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Tell me more please David. 

I'am using an app called Apple pie com Its easy and very good and undstandble My app is available on my Facebook Under offfer on this part of my Facebook site page
The price is responsible with this app apple go there don't forget tell them that was me that told you !
If you deside to go to the site app to make an app please tell them that is was me that introduced you to it. Good luck

Nobex is free and looks very nice.

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