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New Virtual Studio Needs A Second Deck

Virtual Studio 2.0 is a lot cleaner and more impressive to look at and work with however it is missing a second deck to ensure a smooth flow of music throughout a show.

Also I believe a third player should be incorporated to be used to play jingles,sound effect or beds for talk-over sections.

I would like to know if there are any plans to develop the Virtual Studio any further?

Does anyone else have the same feelings about this subject?


Yes,  would support a second deck although we increasingly use third party software. Nevertheless good suggestion.

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We use Traktor for our own show but I was thinking more for our other DJs/presenters, the old version had two, no idea why they changed it to one?? Maybe Radiojar can answer that one?

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Its not a studio with one deck. It needs 2 decks - something like virtual dj or traktor - sam.....without the bells and whistles. Priority Number 1 moving forward

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Yes,  Its not a studio with one deck

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Do they ever answer questions?

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