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Pilot song estimation

Hello everyone,
we are currently experimenting with pilots and frequently add new songs. So for example we might have 50 songs tagged as lounge and have created a pilot with one rule that calls for all songs under that specific tag to play. In consequence, we have pilots for rock, pop, reggae etc. However, we keep adding songs every day and the pilots need to be updated frequently. Instead of pressing each time the song estimation button to renew the songs of each pilot, is there a tip of updating all pilots at once through a specific process? (e.g. server restart or anything like that?)

check out your pilot. the repeat song limit of the songs & the the duration needed which must be maximum as long as  your pilot's playlist

I have a problem with my main pilot for the main rotation of the music being played on the station,it is playing the same songs all day I don't know if I am doing it right ! 

so far I still use refresh each pilot every time I add songs in them and then refresh the hole pilots page....

 I have the same problem but in addition I don't understand pilot at all i read all help topics an i tried everything. i need to know what is duration needed and needed for what and after the duration ended say 60 minutes what happen please need help

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