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Seriously Thinking of Leaving you guys!

Hey guys,

I am not getting any response to what plans you have to upgrade your services and keep encountering the same issues again and again.

When will you be launching an app for Apple and what else do you have planned to stay ahead of your competition!!

We never hear anything from you apart from when money is due!!

Customer relations need a lot of work indeed!

If things don't change soon I will have no choice but move to a platform that is more on the ball and helps us gain more listeners and has great plans for the future.

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Agreed. No upgrades, no contact. I'm very disappointed.

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How long have you been with radiojar and what issues have you had. I have had several and it takes a while to sort it. It seems they dont care about our listeners!!

I am still waiting to hear when they are doing an app for Apple as competitors are more on the ball!

I've been using RJ since May 2017. I am in no way a hardcore broadcaster in the sense that I'm very technically-inclined. With that said, my requests have been somewhat basic. For example, I wanted to be able to have uploaded tracks appear in alpha order so that it would be easier to ensure that I didn't have the same track included twice, without having to search for each track individually and see how many times it appears in the list. I made that simple request and they couldn't even do that. I've been hoping RJ would have some connection with other platforms like Twitter, but nothing yet. I dare not ask for anything more because it will be in vain. There have been absolutely NO upgrades since I started here. NONE. I'm currently shopping for other platforms because RJ is proving to be a waste of time. If you know of any that are worthwhile and cost-effective, please let me know.

Hey there, Apple iOS app is no more an issue in case you are on TuneIn. All TuneIn radio stations are now in Apple Music app.

Tunein emailed me and said that they are not taking anymore applications.

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