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OGG Encoding seeing as NI wont do MP3

RadioJar after weeks of searching, testing and implementing have the best product and solution options of all providers IMO.

I have thrown my lot in with you guys and plan to do some serious production and live work with the Australian DJing and performance community.

We have been using Traktor products since day one and the investment made again recently dictates that we need to continue with that solution. I was hoping that after all the noise made in the NI Forums about supporting MP3 Encoding for service providers natively from the controller and Traktor they would have included that in the recent version 3 release....... No they didn't. Fairly poor form I believe.

So that leaves the providers including RadioJar in a place where they will lose customers and partners because one of the top 2 controller and software manufacturers simply doesnt think it's important. Clearly it is. Hopefully I'm not the first production house or broadcaster to point this out, but if I am then hopefully you will give this request more consideration than everyone else has. We dont want to change providers after investing so much time and effort to find the right service.

OGG encoder support for live external broadcasting from the destination end is really needed to avoid multiple servers and trans-coders before you get the stream. There are too many possible failure points in that scenario. Seeing as the source end isn't interested I beseech you. It can only result in more happy customers for you and existing customers upgrading their packages now that they have the "sleep at night" factor knowing that their two tin cans and a string can be decommissioned finally and posted back to 1990.

Thank you in advance

Basically Happy Customer - Steve

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All Good

Trial and error

Traktor sends ogg

radio jar receives it ok as MP3 - some good voodoo there guys

** As long as you set the format exactly right

In my case Traktor broadcast Prefs

Format Ogg Vorbis 44100Hz 128kBit/s

Hope this helps others



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