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Adding Artwork To Files

I thought I would add a tip for adding artwork to files in the media library.  Place your mouse between the check box and play button, and click. A small window will open where you will find a way to upload and add artwork and images to a file. The same goes for a file that has existing artwork too. Just click on the artwork and the same small window will open up too. This way you can delete and update the image in the file. I just feel it makes my station more professional when the artwork of the file can be seen in players.

Does Radiojar fetch album art from, Amazon, and/or other sites?  Or do you have to upload all the album art manually?


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Would be great if they could add the feature that Lee McKenna mentions above.  I know Sam Broadcaster has this feature.

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indeed comparing RJ with SAM BC and this feature is a very important feature amongst a few others!

@Radiojar team will be nice to hear from you ;)

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when I upload my artwork and click update, it does not save it. When I go back, you can see it did not upload for some reason. Is there a specific image size that I need to make the albums? 

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