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Automated Twitter feed of Artist-Song title with auto hash-tagging

Would be nice to have an automated twitter feed, that could tweet the "Now playing" information periodically.

Make the tweet message customizable, and allow inclusion of artist & song title, with option to automatically generate a hashtag of either the artist or the song title (or both).

Something like this:

Now playing:  #Spooncat! - Navigate the Fabulous, on #CRGB #Radiojar #SHOUTcast @CRGBradio



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Lee, Just the other day i was thinking this would be a great feature too.

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There is a third-party service called that I used to use with my old service provider - it worked great! It generated a lot of twitter followers and subsequently a few new listeners. Unfortunately, it doesn't work with Radiojar because it requires direct access to the SHOUTcast server in order to get the Artist-Title info. This was one of the things I gave up to switch to Radiojar, and I'm hoping they will consider developing a similar feature.

Sounds Like a great idea

If you have php .... 


this is essential at this stage. 

Could you post more info on how or where to find the JQUERY CODE?  

If Radiojar could just create a "Shoutcast Server emulation shim/API" to make their server's respond like a real Shoutcast server then something like and other 3rd party services would just work. But they have created a rather closed and proprietary architecture.

Where's the product roadmap for Radiojar? I see nothing in terms of new developments except a bunch of talk about a new virtual studio.

I'd even be willing to contribute something for the development of a twitter feature.

As Lee said - wheres the product roadmap ? 

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I heard some thing about the service before testing it out, i cannot say I am impressed at all! Do these people have any plans for forward movement or are they just sitting back on the profits?

Hello Rual,

yes indeed we have plans for forward movement as you say. The reason you don't see often UI upgrades on our platform is that unlike other competitors we give our back-end a higher priority, meaning that for us it is more important to have a seamless quality in the stations' audio and flow than a change in the graphics. We often make changes to our back-end in order to be compatible with the standards of the industry that are altered daily. That doesn't mean that our interface is been left behind, for some time now we are preparing a major upgrade both in our virtual studio and site/UI. The reason there are delays is that we expect, in the near future, groundbreaking innovations to happen in the streaming industry. Our field of view is that we ought to provide our customers not only an easy/pleasant environment but also an experience that fully complies with the cutting edge technology of tomorrow.
Panos Koundouros, Quality Assurance Agent

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Hi Panos, 

It is great that you are working hard on the back end of the software, however most of my colleagues and I would agree that our focus is getting more listeners. Social media is crucial to obtaining more listeners. This option would allow your platform to be more automated and would encourage more users to use your software.

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[on topic] this service works like a charm

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