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Daylight Savings Time Setting Station Settings

It would be nice if we had the option to set day light settings on or off with localization.

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Ha, I have just found this discussion forum subject. I am in Sth Africa, my audience is mainly everywhere in the World, so on our website we use GMT as the advertised start times for our scheduled music. RadioJar's change to UK BST from GMT has thrown my schedule into disarray as we are not able to utilise the RadioJar time zone facility which continually defaults to BST!!!   This effectively means we have to remember to schedule shows/playlists one hour earlier on the RadioJar schedule/calendar.  I don't always frustrating and no-one seems to be able to switch off that BST  or Bloody Stupid Timezone!!

DST needs to switch automatically. I have to remember to schedule my show an hour later until the system catches up. Which seems to take a week.


We agree

Yes, please add DST option.

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