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Sam broadcaster

I followed the intstructions provided for setting up sam broadcaster and I still get an error 200

Just seeing your post. Are you still having the problem?


Please write to me at And we can make arrangements to chat on Skype and share you screen to help you get connected.

you can use sam broadcaster on here??? tell me how???

Ηi there,

@DJ ametalheadin You can use SAM as a broadcasting tool. You can see the guide here

I have more then 1 dj so how would that work then???

If you are using just the stream plan with Radiojar, then all of your DJ's would need broadcast software like SAM. There are lots to choose from. Free to hundreds of dollars. You DJ's would need to set up the encoder on their software like in the directions Evi gave you. If you have a easy or pro plan with Radiojar, then your DJ's can use the virtual studio or broadcast software. The virtual studio is a easier way for them because they can use any computer to access it. With SAM, you can only us a PC and not anything from Apple. Also the virtual studio has many features including where you can have multiple DJ's from multiple locations hosting a live show at the same time. Your listeners will think they are in the same place together unless they tell them different. The multiple DJ's can even talk to each other privately in the virtual studio with out the listeners hearing what is said.

The same here with this error 200 disconection fail

does radiojar have a broadcasting tool like Sam ?

Did antbody get the answer to the sambc problem

 my sam keeps getting an error 200 which means someone is using the stream but that isnt the case.. the auto player would stop working if someone was using the stream.. all the credentials are correct i even tried creating a new encoder nothing still.. so sam will not connect to the stream this is on radio jar because spacial audio is saying that its either two things wrong password or someone is on the stream this isn't the case please radio jar fix the issue... i have shows that need to go on the air live

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