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Music Interruption during broadcast

Hi there need some help.  I have a broadcast scheduled 7-8pm (its a talk show).  But i keep getting interruptions from music and i lost over 15 mins battling with this issue today.

When i start broad casting (speaking with the mic), songs start playing on the turn table of the virtual studio (automation) interrupting the broadcast. when i press stop, it moves to the next turn table and i press stop/pause again and the dial keeps moving back and forth as i try to stop it from playing. that should not be happening.  

On creating the show i did not select any playlist so there shouldn't be any music interrupting my broadcasts.  any help??

Hi Michael,

When using the microphone in Virtual Studio, make sure you open the settings first (the button below the Microphone  button) and set the right source of your microphone. Set also the silence level to a low level so that the microphone opens when it detects a sound. If the microphone detects some seconds of silent time, then it will start playing music. Try to make some tests first as to adjust the silent level before the actual show. 

The fact that music played doesn't correlate with the back up playlist of your show. The music starts as to avoid dead time. The only difference in the case of a having a preselected playlist would be that you know the tracks that would play instead of random music. 

Take a look here as to see how to make the changes at the microphone settings. 

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is there a way to completely stop it even if there is silence. like a manual kill switch?

I think for that to work Global is if you don't use the Virtual studio, then you have to use a third party software and in settings and broadcast uncheck breaks can interrupt master link option and that should work for ya I believe 

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