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Currently I am having a huge trouble working with Radiojar. I have been working on hours and I can not figure what is it to fix. I am facing a huge problem on broadcasting using Traktor.

1) I am trying to broadcast using the master broadcast link using my Traktor software - it works perfectly fine.

But when I tried to broadcast the same link using my friend's Traktor software - it is not working at all.

The master link are supposed to work perfectly fine, even if i switch with other laptop. Why is this not working?

2) I made a show in Radiojar, I invited my self to host as a DJ. When the show is on-air - I used the link that is provided for that show. In Traktor it says that it is connected, but I can not hear anything! Why is this happening?

3) When I made a show in Radiojar, I send out invitation to my friends to host a show as a DJ. But when the show starts, the link that is provided by the show is not working on both my traktor software and my friend's. Why does this happen? Then we tried using SAM Broadcaster, and it works perfectly fine. What is the problem?

4) When I am on-air using Virtual Studio, why does the auto-play option is not working ? The track in the playlist is not played automatically.

5) When the show starts, I also try using BUTT. The BUTT software says that it connecting..., but it is not connected. It got stuck and eventually it is not connected at all. Why is it stuck?

Please PLEASE help me figure these problems out. I am stuck and frankly starting to get frustrated on problems keep popping out!

Many thanks in advance & will be waiting for any reply anxiously.



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Thank you RadioJar for the great service!

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