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 I recently created a station which is only playing music files. I am testing the stream on a Streamit box which is also programmed to receive other music streams (from 2 different streaming companies plus Spacial Audio's SAM Vibe).

I am hearing dropouts on the Radiojar stream every few minutes and, when I disconnect the ethernet cord from the box, I will get as much as 2 minutes of cached music with other streams but only a few seconds with the Radiojar stream.

Does anyone else have a similar issue?

After spending 3 days building music content i created a show for today (Monday) at 5pm. I didn't get a prompt to open the Virtual Studio, i had to find it myself. When i did, the music sounded awful. It was intermittent and absolutely terrible. I'm really disappointed and feel like cancelling my subscription.

Hi Gary,

Please follow up on your ticker concerning this issue. We had replied there concerning your schedule issue. 

Hello, Right, i scheduled a 'Show' to broadcast today from 5-7pm. What a load of absolute rubbish! Intermittent music again, the mic did work by using the settings but did not work to broadcast out. It really is an absolute load of rubbish and SO enfuriating. Totally useless!

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