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Audio Interface with Radio Jar

Hello everyone, My name is Frederick Davis Owner of Hoodz Radio.  Currently we use a M Box 2 USB Audio Interface as one of our interfaces that works great with Radiojar.  For us, it really gives us the ability to add two professional microphones directly into the interface to clean up the vocals before the broadcast.  Has anyone used USB Mixers or Broadcast Consoles with Radiojar?  If so, any feedback?  Thanks.


I have a mixer behringer X1622 USB iam signing  up to radiojar and going pro as its got icecast v2 and that's  what i need for my software mixer DEX pro 3 and i also have to my mixer a behringer mic B1 two external speakers als well as theater soundaround ? no problem ok my monitor is 29.9 lg dell computer 545 tower laptop dell inspiron    

I would like to have up to 8 mic/instrument sources through the Scarlett 18i20. Can I mix down into just the stereo channel for the virtual studio to read or does it only look for the microphone input channels on the interface?

Hi! Yes I use an integrated soundcard of an Allen&Heath Mixer and it works perfectly!

Just be careful if your soundcard has more than 2 input (one stereo), it's not possible (or at least I wasn't able to) choose other input than 1&2.

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