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Radiojar Users Group

Hello group !

Is their lots of users want to talk more concerning their use of the program ? Is their any other Radiojar user somewhere ? I think it is pretty quiet here, maybe I am not at the good place to exchange tricks and techniques.

Let me know !


I've often thought the same thing. Doesn't seem like a lot of interaction.

No and I'm not shure I understand why this is so quiet.

Me neither.

I am here to chat guys, need to get input from other end users :)

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How's it going Big Scott Radio?

hey Rudy,

how is life with you and what sort of radio are you producing with radiojar :)

Mainly it's Tejano station. But I listen to all types so I have a few different shows. Country Music Mondays, Wayback Wednesday(60 & 70s) and Throwback Thursdays(80 & 90s). How about yourself?

Thank you for the answers !

Let's go fast with my forst question !

How can I let play a 5:07:00 (5 hours 7 mins) PLAYLIST (One entire pre-recorded show inserted in a playlist) to the end when my breaks are programmed every hour. Is there any function letting the file finish at (let's say I programmed the playlist at 16:00 - 21:00 - And need to let it play until 21:07:00 

How can I proceed ?

Thank you for helping and sorry, my english is not perfect, this is not my first language !


Hey Daniel,

The one way you can do it is to set your breaks to continue playing shpw after the break has been played. Or the best way is to make sure the shows are set to finish exactly on time and not have 7 minutes extra.

I hope that helps

Big Scott

Hey guys, I am Manuel, managing the station and also keen on exchanging tips & tricks with you. Are you using the new Virtual Studio? Whats your experience? Find our station at ..  we also have a free App check your App store for HFM IBIZA...

Hey Manuel,

yes I am using new virtual studio and dont like the fact you cannot hear what is playing in real time rather than what is streaming. I will be asking to go back to older version until they send next update.

I have just had a look at your station and see you have a player at the bottom. I have one for my site but cannot get it to work, so any help advice would be ace

my email is and feel free to browse round my site :)

do you have to use sams as im feed up with that thong im looking for some thifn that works

Hi everyones! 

I'm a new user of radiojar and we do a french WorldMusic radio named Radio Django.



Hi everyones!

I'm Nico and we do a french speaking radio named :

Hope to hear about you and your radiojar experiences!



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