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Royalty Payments??

George Zarkadakis,

  My show is prerecorded. When I look through my 'Track Report' I see the name of the song, the artists, album and number of performances. When I scroll down from the top just a little ways I see "DI 9 25 15 C FIN This is NOT a song, it is the label I give to a half hour collection of songs. That half hour could be as many as 8 - 10 songs. I use Adobe Audition to produce my show and load it in half hour segments. e.g. DI 9 25 15 C FIN This would be the 3rd half hour (C) or DI 9 25 15 A FIN the 1st half hour (A). Are these artists' getting paid their Royalty ....Do I need to send a Playlist to someone at Radiojar clarifying what artists' are played in each half hour segment?  This is an urgent matter as I am ready to bring sponsors aboard but don't feel comfortable thinking the FCC may want to look into this.  

Carl Anthony

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